About Us

UsSocom.com is not only a business, it is a passion for creating solutions for weapons and specific needs for anyone that wants that special look and function but can’t find it anywhere, I was once that guy and decided hell I can make this myself in my father’s machine shop, turns out I was not alone in my frustrations of looking for something that did not exist and it turns out I’m pretty darn good at figuring out how to do just that ;)  I do have to give credit to the woman that pushed me to do it for other people Traci, every time we would go to the range someone would ask where the hell I got that and she would always proudly answer he made it himself! and so it began,  she has been a lifelong friend and wife, many years ago it was her that said it would be nice if there was someone out there that could help other people accomplish the same thing at a reasonable price, I have seen and am very aware that custom CNC or hand machining shop costs are insanely high for one-off or prototyping and the average person could not justify having something custom made to fit their needs in this market so I do my very best to keep that opportunity available by balancing a reasonable price for my everyday products to a 65.00 hourly fee on custom work, Hell you can’t take your four-wheeler to the shop for less than 90.00 hourly so I think it’s pretty darn fair! Machinery, Tooling, Oils, Coolants, CAD and CAM programs, Solvents, Abrasives, Coatings Oh the list goes on and on! These things are all behind the scene expenses for me and in no way want to sound like I’m going broke but its proof you don’t have to grossly overcharge someone for a service if you don’t want to and can survive just fine! The technology today is amazing with personal CNC equipment being available and affordable for nearly anyone, I strongly encourage this, it’s a great feeling to take a thing in your head and in a few hours hold it in your hand! There’s sometimes a pretty big learning curve but it’s very doable and have pushed others to do just that,  The same way Traci pushed to make it my life’s work! There are some amazing products out there now do to all the changes and advancements in CNC technology becoming more and more affordable to everyone!

I have been doing this for decades now and can see how many of my ideas and designs have influenced the market today, that’s a pretty humbling feeling to know I have personally made that kind of impact on this industry! However I am getting older and am not quite as fast as I used to be but will continue to do what I do for as long as my body and mind will let me, I have never wanted to be a huge conglomerate it was supposed to be a family business but it turns out none of my 5 kids think it’s as cool as I do, well not enough to take it over anyway…lol… it may not be appropriate or business like but I truly want to thank all the people along the way that have made me who and what I am, good, bad, or otherwise! Friends and family as well as the people that have tried to eliminate me as a competitor buy mass producing parts I created and selling them at a fraction of what I can make them for… well, it didn’t work out the way some of those people wanted, simply because to truly be my competitor you have to care about much more than money or making a quick dollar! It’s the people, customers that trust me and there hard earned money to find and help make something special for their needs and apparently to date none of them care more about that than me and are willing to alter or outright create something altogether to fill a need at a reasonable price, so until there’s a company that does just that I have no competitors… it’s always been why I do this and as the saying goes, if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life!... well I’m here to tell you that’s almost true. lol

Most of you have already moved on to the products page by now I’m sure but never the less I wanted to thank each and every one of you for considering my products and services and let you in on a little bit of history behind why you may be here in the first place…!


Have a great day and come back anytime!

God Bless the USA and TEXAS!