Delivery Information


Well, here’s the deal, UsSocom is a small family business that makes some pretty unique products as well as custom designed solutions for weaponry , so from time to time I can get overrun with orders or projects that are time consuming that only add to the other hats I wear here, you can expect “usually” your standard listed item will get out my doors in around 4 to 5 business days, ( no weekends or holidays ) but as I said, things can increase that time dramatically at times so it could be longer but it will be delivered! Over the years I have been plagued by these issues as I am the only one doing the work from start to finish and I’m telling you I’m getting older and the times seem to be getting faster in this now, now, now world!... So honestly if you’re looking for something in a rush , you should look elsewhere, I take my time on everyone's parts custom made or not, every part is sprayed after ordered to assure a fresh undamaged appearance and lets me do a final inspection for flaws before leaving, this also assures there is any available color even down to the last one in the bin I have made up until I can get to running more!... custom mods or builds always adds handling time, usually a week to at times a month, again just depends on my workload at any given time, all items are first come first serve , custom mods and builds are separate from that as in their own first come first serve, don’t bother offering to pay more to jump in line, doesn’t sit well with me, however if you have a unit you already bought and buy another a few days later I do always try to ship them together and will go out of the way to pull it as well if I notice them beforehand, this saves in shipping expenses on my end and handling time on yours, I do figure the shipping that will be paid twice as a very good reason to continue doing this as you were in line in the first place and is as close to a paid exception as I will get… also with the new ITAR laws I do not care to ship outside the USA, however, you can ask as APO’s FPO’s are ALWAYS welcome and need no verification for discounts!... you are fighting to keep our way of life I can certainly accommodate you by sending you what you want while you are away to wherever you may be deployed! And let me think all of you men and women for “your” service and sacrifice right now! Please know there is always a Military and LEO discount waiting for you guys here, and yes, I did not forget you firebugs either, just ask beforehand for the discount code, a little proof is required “but stored with your profile off the hosted public site not to be shared with anyone but myself” because I have had people actually have the nerve to cheat the truly honorable by saying they have served in some way when it was untrue, those people are not ever welcome back here and I do reserve the right to ignore and or block your IP’s forever as I have no respect for anyone willing to do something as dishonorable as that,  I should have a wall of shame, but I won’t, it’s sad enough as it is!

So here’s the deal, I don’t care if you are no longer active duty or currently serving, Military “ all branches “ Coast Guard, law enforcement, firefighters are all welcome to a 10 to 25% discount,  much of my family has served and I personally know the sacrifice some of them had to make, PTSD is real and unfortunate but deserves our understanding, respect and appreciation!

Also I have a special place in my heart for TEXAS so yes, if your intended mailing address is anywhere in Texas let me know beforehand and I will get you 5% off or in addition to your other service discount, Texas residents are all included for the 5% discount as well but absolutely have to request any of these beforehand, It is a huge time waist on my side to go back to look you up and refund the difference, YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING TO GET A CODE!